The Process

I sculpt the original pieces in metal clay. Once I’m satisfied with the form, I kiln fire it to burn out the binders and the clay piece is now metal. From there, I’ll add additional detail.

A mold is made of my finished piece and multiples are created with wax. The wax forms will either be cast in metal as is or will be individually modified to created unique versions of the original piece.

After I further refine the cast pieces, I may do additional fabrication (the miniature rings, bracelets, crowns, oxidation, etc) as I am inspired.

One last polish and it’s ready to become a wearable piece of jewelry!

Chain Lengths

How jewelry is worn is a personal preference. I’ve included a variety of images to give you an idea of where the focal piece will hang when worn. The lengths were chosen based on where I feel they will fall the best, however, if you want to wear a piece with a specific neckline and need the chain length adjusted, please send me a message.

372 ritch st

My Studio and Collection

I handcraft all my jewelry in my studio at 372 Ritch St in the SOMA district in San Francisco. As my work is ever-changing, I am not able to load everything on my site. If you are in San Francisco and want to see a large variety of jewelry in person, please visit City Art Cooperative where I keep a rotating body of work. For updates, please follow me @k_uno_design or on Facebook.