Season’s Greetings!

2022 has been a wonderful year filled with new designs and awesome clients! I’m going to update my site over the next month or so and I’m excited to show you all my new designs. If you’re interested in purchasing my jewelry, please visit the following locations. In addition to my work, they all carry a well-curated collection of cool stuff for you to check out.

Adele Gialani Gallery Located at 328 Pine in Sausalito, Adele Gialani Gallery carries a wonderful variety of art by local and emerging artists. She also holds events and workshops.

Artisana Jewelry Located at 146 North Main St in Sebastopol, “Artisana began 20 years ago with Tej Greenhill’s guiding vision to help bring functional art into our daily lives. Representing jewelers, potters, metal smiths, wood crafters and leather artisans, the goal of offering unique, affordable, handmade goods was born.”

City Art Cooperative Gallery Located at 828 Valencia St in San Francisco’s Mission district, “City Art opened its doors at 828 Valencia St. in 1998 and has remained a constant in the radically changing Valencia corridor. The idea for the gallery emerged when several friends who were also artists wanted to create a viable formula for a group-operated business where they could regularly show their art and also open membership to other artists with quality work but who may not have had any viable outlets in which to show their art. A formula was worked out in which artists could “rent” a wall space for a month, and receive back at least 70 percent of any sales. To this day, this formula has been successful, more than covering rent and other gallery overhead without any paid employees. Artists themselves sit shifts any month in which they are showing, and also cover other ongoing maintenance duties.”

Wink SF Located at 4005, 24th St in San Francisco’s Noe Valley, “At the forefront of redefining the shopping experience, two artists wanting to bring together cool, beautiful things with characteristics of functionality, wit, inventiveness, craftsmanship,┬áheart and soul. You feel the heart of the artisan/designer upon entering WINK SF and are at once enveloped into the world of the their creative sensibility. Come and visit our neighborhood store or stay and shop in our WINK SF online store.”

Thank you for your interest in my work!

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